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Er was eens...............
elk verhaal begint zo, ook in Enschede, dus daar gaan we:

workshop enschede
Enrico Crivellaro (IT)

gitaren enschede
Little Victor (USA)

gitaristen enschede
Uncle John Turner (USA)

Jaren hebben we rondgetrokken om live muziek te beluisteren, van festival naar festival, van kroeg naar podium. Vreemd genoeg konden we in Enschede en verre omstreken ons muziekgeluk niet vinden. Moe van al het reizen en getrek vonden we dat de tijd rijp was om Ensche op te fleuren met een podium zoals ons voor ogen stond: een "open podium" waarbij de muzikant heel dicht bij het publiek staat (dus niet op 2 meter hoog en op 20 meter afstand) en een hoog aaibaarheidsgehalte. M.a.w. een podium waarbij de artiest niet tijdens de pauze of na afloop stilletjes verdwijnt in de kleedkamer maar zich tussen het publiek beweegt.

bassist enschede
Bulldog Gravy (FR)

mondharmonica enschede
Hook Herrera (USA)

open microfoon enschede
Finis Tasby (USA)

open mic enschede
Micahel Katon (USA)

We brengen muziek in o.a. de smaken blues, roots, country, rock'a'billy, jazz en soul en alle mixen en grensoverstijgende smaken. Onze bezoekers zijn "gewone" mensen, je buurman, je achterneef of je baas, maar allemaal genieten ze van muziek in een sfeervolle omgeving.

jamsessie enschede
Jimmy Burns (USA)

jamsesjun enschede
Moreland & Arebuckle (USA)

jamsession enschede
Sean Costello (USA)

jammen enschede
The Delta Saints (USA)

Enrico Crivellaro (IT)
'The best bluesclub in the galaxy and I mean that!'.
He's not the only one that felt right at home in our humble club. It was a great place to play despite the shaggy looks of the outside. The warmth, the atmosphere inside and the fans made from most gigs a never to forget show. The club is for fans by fans so to speak. We don't do it for money.......if so we would be better of to organize other events NO WAY !!
Its just to let others enjoy and discover all those wonderful things that good music can bring.

Matt Schofield (UK)
"In the mean time - just know that you have a wonderful club, that exists for all the RIGHT reasons, which is very rare in these days. We need more places like yours for the blues, and for live music in general for that matter. It's always a pleasure to play there, and I'd be very upset if anything happened to the club."

Nelson Norwood (Austin, USA)
"As far as the club is concerned, I can't say enough good things about everyone involved. We were all amazed at your kindness towards us in putting us up for the night, feeding us, picking us up at the train and taking us back in the wee hours of the morning, as well as your passion and enthusiasm for the blues. As a foreigner in your country, I feel like Nix BBBlues Club is a great Ambassador for the Blues! We feel honored to have performed for you and my band could not stop talking about what a great time we had in Enschede.
Just the effort you all made to make sure my show happened was phenomenal."

walloffame nix


Alan Haynes (USA)
Uncle John Turner (USA)
Appa Perry (USA)
the Tonemasters
the Vibrotones
Rick Ellis (USA)
Cuban Heels
Guitar Ray
     & the Rhythm Dukes
The Eldricks
Danny & Pete
the Ride
The Tony Vega Band
Arthur Ebeling
heer Peer
the Doubleshots
Lester Butler
     Tribute Band (USA)
the Kingsnakes
Drippin' Honey
Enrico Crivellaro Trio (IT)
Shotgun Shadow
Flyin' Compas
The Jake Brothers
One Point Sixty
Lynwood Slim (USA)
Doctor Rhythm
Partners in Crime (UK)
Wheatbread Johnson
Red Hot & Blue
Jim Suhler
    & Monkeybeat (USA)
Blues 'n' Trouble (UK)
Doug MacLeod (USA)
Ben Andrews (USA)
MT Trunk
Steelyard Blues Duo (UK)
Mason Casey (USA)
Stuurbaard Bakkebaard
Sugar Ray
      & Bluetones (USA)
Pat Savage (USA)
Big Bo
Boo Boo Davis (USA)
David Wilkinson (USA)
Rich McDonough (USA)
Nick Holt (USA)
Bugaboo Tang
Blue Angels
Julian Sas
Drunk Stuntmen (USA)
Phil Bee
        & the Buzztones
Dede Priest (USA)
Chris Fitz Band (USA)
Nico Wayne Toussaint
The Carburetors (USA)
Wolf Mail (USA)
Papa Don McMinn (USA)
Mojo Buford (USA)
Bulldog Gravy (FR)
Julian Vaughn (USA)
Marcel Scherpenzeel
Rockbottom James
      & the Detonators
Blues BV
Daniël Lohues & the
    Louisiana Blues Club
The Rhythm Chiefs
12 Bar Blues Band
Dave Bronze (USA)
Apollo Big Band
         ft. Guitar Ray
Tommy Allen Trafficker
Arbuckle&Moreland (USA)
Billy Jones Band (USA)
The Gaslights (USA)
The Pine Box Boys
Be Sharp (UK)
Porpoise Spit
Rodney Parker
     & 50Peso Reward
Big Pete & Lost Souls
The Drapes
Al & The Black Cats (USA)
The Cowlicks (USA)
Jan Akkerman
The Cat Club (JAP)
Groovy Rednecks (USA)
Kuhhaut's Blues Kapelle
777 (D)
Eddie "Lips" Clark (USA)
Patrick Vining (USA)
David Childers
      & Modern Don Juans
Duane Jarvis (USA)
Billy Bacon
       & Forbidden Pigs
Rita & Rock ’n’ Rollers
Gene Taylor (USA)
Fried Bourbon (B)
The .357 Stringband
Patricia Vonne Band
Martin Fletcher (UK)
Hombres Amplificados
Khalif Wailin' Walter
Kellie Rucker (USA)
Cadillac Kings (USA)
Coupe de Grace
The Bridge (USA)
Key Frances (USA)
The Hand Me Downs
Nels Andrews (USA)
Black Top
The Juke Joint Pimps
Captain Midnight
Daisy's Dukes
Jackie D. Blues & Rockband
Midnight Buzz
Blues on Blonde
Jason Ricci
Alpha Jerk
12 Bar Grooves
Guy Forsyth (USA)
The California Honeydrops
The Treble Shooters
Johnny Clark & The Outlaws
Tinez Roots Club
Bas Paardekooper
Johnny Falstaff (USA)
The Radical Roosters
24 Pesos (UK)
Eric Steckel (USA)
John Primer (USA)
CeeCee James Band
Hard Fall Hearts (USA)
Michael Dotson (USA)
Timo Gross (D)
The Delta Saints (USA)
Jay Tamkin (UK)
Ryan McGarvey (USA)
Mathieu Pesqué
        & Roll Pignault (FR)
Ben Poole (UK)
The Vegabonds (USA)
Matt Andersen (USA)
Mariëlla Tirotto
  & the Blues Federation
American Aquarium (USA)
BlackMarketIII (USA)
The Overnite Ex-Lovers
Chivy and the BlueZicians
Candye Kane (USA)
John Pippus  (USA)
Neal Black (USA)
Cam Penner
      & Jon Wood (USA)
Thorbjorn Risager (SWE)
Page One O Six
Midnight Hotel
Nathan Kalish
   and The Wildfire (USA)
the BluesBones (BE)
Peter Green's
   Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Birds Of Chicago (USA)
Austin Lucas (USA)
Emily Barker
PJ Bond
Joanne Shaw Taylor (UK)
Matt Harlan (USA)
Finding Albert (UK)
Bullfrog Tattoo (UK)
Guy SMeets Band
Howlin' Bill (BE)
Jeff Finlin
Rusty Apollo
Richard RIP Lee Pryor
The Silent Comedy
Chris Beard
The Etta James
Suzanne Jarvie
The Broadcast
Kenneth Brian Band
John Clifton Band
Tom Attah
The Blackfoot Gypsies
Uncle Lucius
Jon Amor
Hot Club dEurope
Atlas Road Crew
the Rosenbergs
Riddle and the Stars
Captain Ivory
Art of Bridges
Het Rijk
De Anti-Act
The Dead Lines
King Of The World
Martha Jane
         & the Talisman
BOAZ and Band
Sunset Travelers
The "original" Strikes
Lynn & the
CC Jerome Combo
Georgina Peach
        and her Savoys
Early James Band
Chris Bergson
    & Ellis Hooks
Stone Senate

  The Vipers (USA)
Eagle Park Slim (USA)
Little Victor (FR)
Miss Sophie Kay (FR)
Rockin' Lulu (FR)
Mike Fleming Special
The MarbleTones
Boogie Workers (B)
Sean Costello (USA)
Nelson Norwood (USA)
Rebel Storm (USA)
Los Locos (USA)
Chilly Willy (B)
Fernando Noronha
       & Black Soul (BR)
Nancy Whiskey
Reverend Rusty
        & the Case (USA)
Little Louis
Lets Buzz
the Outskirts of Blues
Junkyard Dogs
Kozmic Blue (D)
Bacon Fat (B)
the Juke Joints
Blues Attraction
Tanning Blues
No Jacks
NoBo Blues Band
the Marshalls
Billy Goodman (USA)
JW Jones (CAN)
The Jime (DEN)
Thad Beckman (USA)
Ty Garner (UK)
Eddie Kirkland (USA)
Wentus Blues Band
the Backbones
Rod Picott (USA)
Kelly Pardekooper
Lefthand Freddy
        and the Aces
Johnny Moeller (USA)
Ian Parker Band (UK)
Bocephus King (CAN)
John-Alex Mason
Mighty Orq (USA)
Mr. T (GER)
'Sax' Gordon Beadle
Imperial Crowns (USA)
the Veldman Brothers
the Wildcards (UK)
John the Revelator
Neil Young Mirror Band
Ruben Hoeke Bluesband
Cal Batchelor Band
Scrappy Jud Newcomb
Greg Silva (USA)
Backstreet Crawl
Danny Bryant's
          Redeye Band
Preston Hubbard
Scott Albert Johnson
The Resentments
Slim Jim Phantom
Hubcap (USA)
Little Toby Walker
Mark Arshak Band
Jeroen Sweers
   Boogie Woogie Band
Livin' Blues Experience
The Coal Palace Kings
Les Marvellous
           Pig Noise (FR)
Eastside Allstars
Perry Wing Trio (USA)
Sue Moreno
     & the Flaming Stars
The Great Outdoors
Mitch Kashmar (USA)
Marty Richards (USA)
Chelsea Hotel
Big Dez (FR)
The Mudsharks (USA)
Tandy (USA)
Louis King (AUS)
Majnun (USA)
The Vaquetones (MEX)
Jake Walker (USA)
James Rogers (CAN)
Stace England  (USA)
Sam "Bluzman" Taylor
Anna Warr (USA)
Mr.Boogie Woogie
Paul Orta (USA)
Des Fais DoDo
The Tin Cans (DE)
77 El Deora (USA)
Ruby Dee
   & The Snakehandlers
AJ Roach (USA)
Bert ter Brugge
Erja Lyytinen (FIN)
Old Friends
Red Hot Blues Sisters
South Austin Jug Band
Rob Tognoni (TAS)
Dirk Jan Vennik
Mathijs Leeuwis
Marten de Paepe
Rik Kaez
Jeroen Kant
Shawn Jones (USA)
Big Blind
Melvin Taylor (USA)
Tom Principato (USA)
The Wampus Cats
James Harman (USA)
Ervin Travis
      & His Virginians
Sjoerds Blues
John Cornwill Band
Hifi Mama
Syren Band (USA)
Texas Sweet Hot Trio
The BluesCrowns
Rob Orlemans
   & Half Past Midnight
Ruben Hoeke
Kellie Rucker (USA)
Code Blue
Blues44 (D)
Magic Frankie
Joe Brozio Band (USA)
Leeroy Stagger
          & Band
Jaimi Faulkner (AUS)
Catfish Keith (USA)
Cahalen Morrison
       & Eli West (USA)
Wynntown Marshals
Israel Nash Gripka
Cousin Harley (CAN)
Ian Siegal (UK)
The Motives
       ft. Matt Taylor (UK)
Brother Dege (USA)
Patrick Sweany (USA)
Professor Deaf (B)
Blues Lee (B)
Will Wilde (UK)
Jimmy Burns
Liam Tarpey Band (UK)
King King (UK)
Alan Nimmo (UK)
The Bihlman Brothers
Dirty York (AUS)
Birds of Chicago (USA)
Amelia Curran (USA)
LaVendore Rogue (UK)
Mason Rack Band
       Risager Band
The Henhouse Prowlers
The Statesboro Revue
The Black Cadillacs
Johanneke ter Stege
Paul Batto
Kreg Viesselman
Steve Blabbermouth
Nick Moss Band (USA)
Dirt River Radio
My Baby
The Nimmo Brothers
Rosco Levee (UK)

.....and all those we forgot
to mention....sorry,
just a small harddisk ....:-)
Getting old I'm afraid......

Black Cat Biscuit (B)
Little Geneva (UK)
Samantha Martin
       & Delta Sugar
Catfish (UK)
Sua Foley (USA)
Kings Rhythm Crew
Will Hoge (USA)
Greasy Tree (USA)
Johnny Rawls (USA)
Susan Santos (SP)
The Steppin' Stones
Ted Z & the Wranglers
HoGjaW (USA)
Jive Mother Mary (USA)
Tony Holiday
      & The Velvetones
Ash Grunwald (AUS)
Dennis Gruenling
Shorts 'n Blues (NL)
Raye Zaragoza (USA)
Ash Wilson (UK)
Walter Broes
  & The Mercenaries
Boogie Beasts (B)
Revel In Dimes (USA)
Bywater Call (CAN)
Billy Walton Band
Kilborn Alley Blues Band
Altered Five Blues Band
Troy Redfern (UK)
King Street Turnaround
Chris Cain Band
The Cinelli Brothers
Handsome Jack
Stolen Rhodes
Black Cat Biscuit (B)
Little Geneva (UK)
Greyhounds (USA)
Al Holliday (USA)
Tad Robinson Band
Alex Schultz
Shawn James
Adam Eckersley Band
Radio Birds
Josh Hoyer
Living Room Heroes


En wie komt
        er allemaal nog?

nixagenda livemuziek enschede

  Mr. Hyde
Base To Mill
Flying Punk
  Cowboy Bullhorns
BX Bluesband
Lipstick Traces (B)
Blue Monday
Starfish Bowl
Mike & the Mellotones
Slick 57 (USA)
Michael Katon (USA)
Double Shuffle
Jenny Kerr (USA)
Finis Tasby (USA)
the Rude Bluesband
Travelin' South
Double Shuffle
Eternal Flame
AM 5 (UK)
Shawn Pittman (USA)
Bullfrog Blues Machine
Jancee Pornick Casino
Billie Joyce (USA)
Suck on my Shoes
Paul Orta (USA)
Hook Herrera (USA)
The International Playboys
Charles in Charge
BJ Baartmans
Erik Devries
Charlie Sayles
   + Toni Fazio (USA)
Brian Webb (USA)
Jeff Finlin (USA)
Flatman (D)
Jimmy 'Preacher' Ellis
Bas Kleine
Stinky Lou
       & the Goon Mat
Teddy Morgan
        and the Pistolas
Rocky Lawrence
Roland "Lut" Luttik
Sonny James
     and the Sinners
Little Joe Washington
Matt Schofield (UK)
Little Boogieboy
Wim Roelants aka Mr.G
  and the Blue Power
Billy Bob Buddha (D)
Coup de Ville
Ernie Payne (USA)
the Hun
Beaver Nelson (USA)
Georgie Bonds (USA)
"Monster" Mike Welch
Soul Train
Jason Buie (CAN)
Boyd Small:
Delta Roux (CAN)
Wild T and the Spirit
Martin Lewis
        & his Jivemen
Darrel Higham (UK)
Jonny Bowler (UK)
Les Wilson & Mighty
Chrome Daddies (AUS)
Johnny Dickinson (UK)
JJ Sharp
Richard Studholm (UK)
Leander Nijland
Stefan Schill
Roscoe Chenier (USA)
the Blue Voodoo (CAN)
Trafficker (UK)
Ralph de Jongh
Helldorado (NOR)
Mike Mok (USA)
Adam Caroll (USA)
Jeff Zima (FR)
Boris McCutcheon
      & The Saltlicks
Big Derrick Walker
Bradley's Circus
GreenMac (UK)
Shiner Twins
Mudcat (USA)
The Twisters (CAN)
   "Lil' Mama" Hardy
Gregg Weiss
The Original Snakeboy
Double Stone Washed
Trash Hombres (B)
John Norrie Band
Storm Warning (UK)
The Rabbits
Robbert Fossen Band
Nathan Hamilton
Jimmy Bowskill (CAN)
Suite 24
Sean Webster Band
Harry Bodine (USA)
Peter Nathanson(USA)
Johnny Mastro
      & Mama's Boys
The Cadillac Kings
Neil Young
        Mirror Band
GreenMac (UK)
The Blueshop
The BluesBlasters
Egidio Juke Ingala (IT)
The Zees
Muddy Driveway
Ben Prestage (USA)
Family Style
Jo Buddy (SWE)
Chris Bergson Band (USA)
Reba Russell (USA)
King Mo
Frank Carillo
      & the Bandoleros
The Epstein (UK)
Headwater (USA)
Delta Treat
Gwyn Ashton (AUS)
Sticky Fingers
Bag o'Blues
Little Louis Band
Henrik Freischlader
Motel Kingz
Marc Thijs TEE (B)
    Greenwood Band
The Louisiana Men
Necessary Nature
Mr. J
Big Will & the Bluesmen
Skin Deep
The Mudbirds
Highroad East
Brian Templeton
Sultans of Slide (USA)
Monti Amundson
Franck Coldwasser
Henry Cooper (USA)
Hamilton Loomis
Mighty Orq (USA)
Gerry Jablonski
       & the Electric Band (UK)
Lightning Guy (B)
WF Feaster Band
Slam & Howie (Z)
Dirt River Radio (AUS)
The Widowbirds
Atomic Road Kings
Sons Of Bill (USA)
Matt Harlan (USA)
Goodbye June (AUS)
Chastity Brown (USA)
Franck Goldwasser
Kyle Jester Blues Show (USA)
Tom Attah (UK)
Arthur Adam
Tim van Doorn
Mike Zito & the Wheel
Samantha Fish (USA)
Wild Adriatic
Feedback Revival
The Captain Legendary Band
Ricky Nye (USA)
Laurence Jones (UK)
Marcus Malone (UK)
Grianne Duffy (IRL)
Kirsten Thien (USA)
Lurrie Bell
Low Society
Junior Watson
The "De Laat" Brothers
Little Hook
Copenhagen Slim
Big Pete Pearson
Guitar Ray & the Gamblers
John Pippus Band
Robert Jon
       & the Wreck
Lloyd Jones
     & Shaky Ground
Winck Burcham
Hat Fitz and Cara
Kai Strauss
Samba Toure
Ray Bonneville
Christian 2021's
Brother Hawk
Bacon Fat Louis
Blues Treat
Sweet Bourbon
The Damned and Dirty


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